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Information : Supports all the newest MEP's for blackberry phones such as Koodo 9300 [SP included], T-mobile UK 9780, 9800, T-mobile USA 9900/9680, Telus 9900/9810, etc

Most codes will require NCK code [mep2] or Provider code [mep4]

MEP-04104-008 (Tmo USA 9900/9680)MEP-14074-004MEP-31845-002MEP-41262-001MEP-42517-001MEP-24660-003MEP-06041-001MEP-08209-004MEP-09625-002MEP-24660-003MEP-24667-003MEP-34723-001MEP-09292-006 (T-mobile UK)MEP-09292-008 (T-mobile UK)MEP-34870-001 (Koodo 9300)
MEP-04104-008 (Tmo USA 9900/9680)
MEP-14074-004 (Telus 9900/9810)
MEP-31845-002 (Mobilicity 9900)
MEP-09292-006 (T-mobile UK)
MEP-09292-008 (T-mobile UK)
MEP-34870-001 (Koodo 9300)

How to get MEP info:

1. Access the “Help Me” menu by pressing ALT CAPS H (hold at the same time) from main menu.

Note: For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E
- For Storm, hold the BACK arrow, and tap the screen in the following areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

2. Find the following 3 pieces of information:
    a) Blackberry device PIN :
        ie: cc414bfc

    b) App Version :
        ie: (233)

    c) Uptime :
        ie: 908208

3. Enter the information above at this site and to get your Key code:

4 Type the Key code in blackberry from the Help Me menu (refer to step 1)
*Remember to press ALT button for the numbers (ie. if Key is 1A2B, need to press ALT+1, A, ALT+2, B)
You won't see anything on the screen as the key is being typed.
If nothing happens, go back and reinput the Uptime and App Version that you see in the Help Me menu

5. Open the 'OS Engineering Screens‘ and go to 'device information'
Please scroll down and find MEP that is on there.

Input the MEP information MEP-XXXXX-XXX


Getting MEP with Cable
Please download this software and input MEP information you get on the screen

Step 1: Download the logger —>

Step 2: Connect your Blackberry to computer using original USB cable

Step 3: Start BB-Server Blackberry Logger and click Read Blackberry Handset Info

Step 4: You will see your IMEI and MEP Data displayed.


You may need to have blackberry desktop installed onto your computer if you do not already have it.

Use the Blackberry eScreen Keygen Link CLICK HERE!

Generating the Code for your Blackberry using the MEP from your phone rather than ing the network, gives one single correct code for your phone (if you the network there are more than one possible codes)


How to Read MEP from Blackberry with out a cable.

First step is to access to the “Help Me” menu, to do so, on the main screen of the phone hold the following keys : ALT CAPS H (at the same time)


Note: For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E, for Storm, hold the BACK arrow, and tap the screen in the following areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

Type the PIN, App Version and Uptime in the Escreen Keygen, Press “Generate” and our Calculator will generate a code:


Now simply type the KEY directly on to that screen ('Help Me'). Nothing will appear when typing. For numbers hold the ALT key when typing. Now you should be in the engineers menu. if you are not please try again ensuring the data you entered into the Escreen Keygen is EXACTLY as displayed on the Blackberry 'Help Me' screen. If you close the screen ensure you change the Uptime on the form. Navigate to ‘OS Engineering Screens‘


Now scroll down to ‘Device Info’ and then scroll down until you see MEP-XXXXX-XXX’

Alternative Method Using MEP reader and USB Cable

  1. Download MEP READER
  2. Turn on your BlackBerry
  3. Make sure media card is turned off in options, and no password is in place on the handset.
  4. Press "Read Phone" on the software and connect your Blackberry To your PC using standard USB cable.

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